May 30, 2024

Shift afterwork:
Apple Vision Pro Unveiled

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making the world a spatial place

Join us at Shift Afterwork, where we delve deep into the potential of the Apple Vision Pro.
Does it hold the power to change the digital landscape and prompt a shift in the design and development of digital products?

Setting the scene: mixed reality - why, when and what?
With the Apple Vision Pro, another tech giant has a go at Mixed Reality. We look backwards into the future, to try and answer the many-billion-dollar question: is this it?
By Frederik De Bosschere, In The Pocket
24h with the Apple vision pro: a testimonial
Witness how our colleague Dieter embarked on a 24h journey with the AVP. From breakfast to meetings and workouts, we'll discover the day-to-day integration of the AVP.
By Dieter Vanhooren, In The Pocket
How accessible is the apple vision pro?
Discover the intersection of spatial computing and accessibility.
By Peter Vermaerke, In The Pocket & Roel Van Gils, Eleven Ways  
panel: should the apple vision pro be on your tech  radar?
Should businesses be thinking about integrating this new device into their product strategy? Together with experts from B2B & B2C companies, we'll talk about whether or not to jump on this tech trend and how their strategy comes first.
With Frederik De Bosschere, In The Pocket - Roland Legrand, De Tijd - Kim Wéry, Proximus & Kenneth Dée, DPG Media
Apple Vision Pro Try out & Networking

Our Guests

No Shift Afterwork without bright minds on stage. Meet our renowned speakers that will change the way you think about tomorrow.

Dieter Vanhooren
Product Manager at In The Pocket
Peter Vermaercke
Strategist at In The Pocket
Roel Van Gils
Founder Eleven Ways
Frederik De Bosschere
Lead Strategist at In The Pocket
Kim Wéry
Chapter Owner Design at Proximus
Kenneth Dée
Tech Journalist at DPG Media
Roland Legrand
Tech Journalist at De Tijd

The Venue

In The Pocket
Dok Noord
Sassevaartstraat 46/401
9000 Gent
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Situated on the edge of the historical centre, our Ghent studio towers over this beautiful city and awes you with spectacular views of the skyline.

Shift Afterwork takes place May 30, 2024 at In The Pocket, Dok Noord, Sassevaartstraat 46/401 9000 Gent

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