New year,
new trends,
new report.

And that deserves a celebration. Our first Shift Afterwork of 2023 will be an evening to listen & debate on the topics we believe will be decisive in the years to come. The event is invite-only, but you can always convince us why you deserve a seat as well.

Shift Afterwork:  January 26, 2023

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Celebrate the new year with new insights.

The start of 2023 comes bearing gifts. A new year, new emerging trends and a brand new Shift Report. Three splendid reasons to host our first
Shift Afterwork of the year.

Seats are limited, but you can try to claim your very own spot. Send us your best reason why you want to attend, and maybe we'll see you on  January 26.

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Come in and raise your glasses to a new year
and new shifts.
Shift 23
Shift 23, our take on the digital trends that matter.
by Jeroen Lemaire
Agile is dead.
Long live agile.
Years after the start of the agile movement, we have seen the good, bad & ugly of agile. But where are we now? And is there still a bright future for the agile movement?
by Thijs Morlion
A culture of connectedness.
Multiple shockwaves shook up company culture in the last few years. Yet it still remains a vital factor to retain & attract new talent. What will be the key factor to keep your company culture alive & healthy in the years to come?
by Emma Braeye & Maarten Kerkhofs
Why going hybrid
is a no-brainer.
Going hybrid is one of the most important choices you have to think of today, and it’s something that you have to do thoroughly. It’s not a technical choice but a strategic one. Delaying a decision is actually making one without thinking about the consequence.
by Quentin Braet
Super apps: a story of bundling vs. unbundling
Ever since mobile apps exist, there has been one constant movement like the ebb and flow of the waves: bundling and unbundling. And from time to time, a big wave of ‘super apps’ pops up. Making the daredevils among us dream about riding it. But should you stick your feet in these murky waters?
by Bo Smet
Why we're (not) talking about Web3 & the Metaverse
Rarely has there been a more polarising new technology than Web3 or the Metaverse.Other emerging technologies never led to such a heated debate. Yes, there are always believers and sceptics, but people get along. No one gets stabbed. Things stay civil. Not so with Web3 or the Metaverse. Here’s what we think.
by Frederik De Bosschere
Closing keynote:
Dries Depoorter
Dries Depoorter is a Belgium artist that handles themes as privacy, artificial intelligence, surveillance & social media. Join us for his take on what the coming years in digital have in store for us.
by Dries Depoorter
Drinks & networking
After some mind-tickling talks, we'd love you to stick around and engage with like-minded people. Grab a drink, take a bite and let's talk about the next shifts in digital together.

Our guests

If we had the time, we would fill our stage with hundreds of thought leaders. Let's keep it at six for now. Meet our renowned speakers that will change the way
you think about tomorrow.

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Bo Smet
Product Strategist
Jeroen Lemaire
Thijs Morlion
Team Lead
Dries Depoorter
Digital Artist
Emma Braeye
VP People
Quentin Braet
Solution Architect
Frederik De Bosschere
Tribe Lead