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Join us on October 17th for an exciting journey into the digital future, as we uncover the next shifts in digital. Expect an extraordinary experience that will inspire you to take risks and rethink digital innovation. Dive into the latest in AI, UX, Software Engineering, Design, Digital Strategy, and more. Get ready for a vibrant range of topics and relevant trends.
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Shift is the ultimate blend of inspiration, meaningful connections, and fun.  Gear up for a full day of engaging workshops, talks, panel discussions, and thought-provoking keynotes that will stimulate your mind and excite your heart about the digital future.

Luc Van Donkersgoed
Martin Eriksson
Serena Verdenicci
Stefan Goethaert
Jonathan Holslag

The event

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If your pulse quickens at the very thought of all things digital, Shift is the ideal opportunity to soak up knowledge and get ahead of the prominent trends and tech in the coming years.

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