Digital strategy:
from mind to market.

All digital transformation, big or small, originates from ideas. But most of these ideas end up six feet under. Digital entrepreneurs and enterprises will recognise this product graveyard all too well. But how do you keep your idea alive and kicking until it becomes an actionable product or feature? A firm digital strategy is your idea’s guardian angel.

Shift Afterwork:  March 28, 2023

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Join us at Shift Afterwork and learn how you move from first thought to a working product, guided by a digital strategy. A lot of ground to cover,
but fewer ideas to bury!

Shift Afterwork:  March 28, 2023

Created with Midjourney

Shift Afterwork is open to everyone. Please understand that we have limited capacity and will give priority to the most relevant audience.

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Intro keynote
The do’s and don’ts of digital strategy.
You can build an outstanding product solving the wrong problem, and it will fail. You can nail the execution, but that won’t get you anywhere if the vision wasn’t right from the get-go. Simple wisdom. Why then, do so many companies still struggle when it comes to digital strategy? Not only will we identify some root causes, but we’ll provide the remedies too.
Greet Bontinck & Frederik De Bosschere
Switch to breakouts
Pick your product poison. Make your choice between three different breakout sessions that will change the way
you think about digital strategies.
  • Carving out a digital strategy with Upgrade Estate.
    Upgrade Estate has seen for years how digital contributes to growing their business with a strong focus on connecting people. During this breakout session, we’ll show you how we mapped out a complete and consistent digital strategy and enterprise architecture. And you’ll learn how this process led to well-defined new product ideas and data-driven use cases, ready for launch.

    By Stein Van Stichel, Lana Van Marcke & Sebastiaan Van den Branden
  • The Product Graveyard: why some products make it and others fail.
    Innovation is nothing like kindergarten. Not everybody is a winner. Not every product will make it. But if you don’t win, let’s at least learn. This breakout session will give you a surprisingly simple framework to stress test your new value propositions.

    By Mette Stoffels, Bo Smet & Frederik De Bosschere
  • How to build a digital product your customers actually want.
    How often do you let a strategic decision depend on what your users really need.
    Do you truly give them a seat in the boardroom? If not, you should. In this session, you'll get a better understanding of how user-informed decisions can level up your digital product.

    By Thijs Van de Broek
Short break
Closing keynote
Fireside chat with Henchman
Gilles Mattelin, Founder of Henchman AI, will talk about the company's journey from idea to market fit.
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Our guests

No Shift Afterwork without bright minds on stage. Meet our renowned speakers that will change the way you think about tomorrow.

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Stein Van Stichel
Chief Information Officer  Upgrade Estate
Bo Smet
Sebastiaan Van
den Branden
Lana Van Marcke
Thijs Van de Broek
Lead Research &
Insights Team
Greet Bontinck
Lead Strategy Team
Frederik De Bosschere
Tribe Lead Strategy/Research/Data
Mette Stoffels
Gilles Mattelin
Founder of Henchman